making a life worth living (part 1 of an ongoing conversation)

This post is part of an ongoing conversation about things that would enrich my life.

1. Seeing more plays — the drama and spectacle on stage is a fun and happy reprieve, even if it’s a sad story. I always enjoy plays, but for some reason I forget to seek them out. I went to see Rock of Ages not too long ago and it was seriously the most fun social event I think I’ve ever been to.

2. Making trips to see animals (zoo, ranch, etc.) and interact with animals (volunteering at the Humane Society)

3. Doing more activities outdoors — I just read this post which was wonderful, and I especially liked what Reiland says about connecting with nature. Before my diagnosis, that was one of the coping skills I’d developed organically. I realized that going for a hike or canoeing or going to see animals made me feel grounded and gave me perspective in the nicest way. I need to make time in my schedule for these things.



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