I’m a twenty-something girl recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder*. I’m also a writer, teacher, storyteller, and Christian. In this space I’ll be video journalling and writing stories to share my experience with you.

(*Since my diagnosis, I’ve become aware of a terribly negative stigma attached to this term. Because of the societal assumptions about this disorder, people diagnosed with it can feel like they’ve just had a millstone hung around their neck. Therapists suddenly don’t want to work with them, romantic partners are warned to disconnect from them, etc. This is extremely disheartening and in my case, certainly didn’t feel warranted! I had a therapist tell me that she hates the term and wishes people weren’t saddled with it. I cried when she said so, because I felt so relieved that someone was willing to lighten my “millstone”! Since then, I’ve decided that in order to avoid being inappropriately prejudged, I would avoid using the term to describe myself except if it were ever medically necessary. I use it here simply as shorthand so that if you’re looking for help with the same sort of symptoms, you might find this blog.)

My goals for this space are, firstly, to create a community where we can share our experiences in a healthy, productive way and work towards healing together. Secondly, I’d like to chronicle my own experiences in a semi-methodical way. Finally, I hope that by adding our voices to the conversation about this relatively young diagnosis, we can help change the negative and hurtful stigma attached to it.

Because I’m only one person (who’s still learning, too!), this space is necessarily more of a journal than a coping resource; however, I hope over time that resources are added and it can function as that as well! Let’s share resources and ideas that have helped us.

By the way, I need to say that I am not a therapist and am not qualified to give any medical advice or counseling — I’m just a person living a story out loud. If you or someone you love has (or might have) borderline personality disorder, I urge you to begin your own healing process by finding a qualified therapist who specializes in dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, which has been shown to be greatly effective in treating BPD.

I prefer to keep my identity confidential for many reasons; please respect that wish. Thank you!



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